Peer Review

A blind review method is used by JIDENT. After an initial screening process, all manuscripts sent to JIDENT are circulated to two field referees. If the reports of the referees conflict, a second expert opinion will be sought. During the review process, all submissions that meet the minimum criteria will be subjected to a blind review by at least two independent reviewers who will be unaware of the author's or other reviewers' identities. Similarly, at no point during the review process does the JIDENT tell the author(s) about the reviewers. The editorial board of the JIDENT makes the final acceptance decision if the number of manuscripts credited as publishable by reviewers is greater than the number of articles required by the JIDENT's publication policy. The editors reserve the right to make changes to type of scripts to remove ambiguity and duplication, as well as to enhance author-reader contact. The scientific substance and message will not be altered as a result of this activity. The manuscript will be returned to the author for revision and/or approval if significant changes are needed.